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The Father: Truth Teller, The Mother: Aya granny, Daughter 1: Najma, Daughter 2: HNK.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

After 1991

During this period, we had to get used to the living almost without electricity . So all of my house duties were to be done depending on when the electricity comes. Many days, I had to start the washing machine at 3 or 4 a.m.
Sometimes, I used to give my daughters their bath after midnight or at the early morning (since our water heater is electric), the same thing goes for carpet cleanings , or using of any electrical apparatus. Overall, our life was so far from any order or planning and we couldn't arrange for any work in advance, this caused me and all the women a situation of continuous depression and distress.

At the beginning, we hopped for an improvement in the electrical supply, but after a while we stopped hoping that since the condition was getting worse.
The rich families started buying small electrical generators, we changed the electrical water heaters to a kerosene one. We became accustomed to the new uncomfortable condition.

At the same time, the economical situation for most of the Iraqis was deteriorating, the food supplies were very expensive, and so were the clothes and the house requirement.The salaries were constantly low. I still remember the time when my salary as a college lecturer was not enough to buy a pair of shoes or a hand bag.

My husband's clinic supported us for a good living standard. His salary was almost enough for his clinic's expenses only.

The sleeping at night was a problem at that time, specially at summer, the hot weather did not allow us to sleep until the electricity came, otherwise we may never sleep.
However, the problem was better at winter since we can use non-electrical sources for the heating.

After many years of suffering, every body was sure about the need for large neighborhood generators to supply the electricity, this had solved the problem partly, since the supply was not continuous but it worked only for 12 hours a day with one hour rest for each 3 hours of working.

My daughters had grown thinking that the electricity cannot be continuous anywhere, they asked me if there is any country which doesn't have such problems.
Anyway we all got used to the situation and accommodated to it, Chargeable lights were available and especially used to help the students for studying at night.

My older daughter studied hard and passed the final year of secondary school with an average of 93%. This grade allowed her to enter the medical college. She had graduated two years ago, she is now married and had her first daughter, Aya (my first grand daughter), we were very worried about her enfant from the congenital malformations due to the surrounding circumstances of explosions and other bad conditions (the use of depleted uranium by the American while attacking Iraq).

I was very happy when she was born well and healthy, and I always pray thanking God for his blessings. Now my grand daughter is our only source of happiness in the surrounding situation.
My other two daughters had spoken about theirselves enough.
I will only say that my daughter, Najma was very shy and inconfident when she was in the primary school, but she was clever. At her secondary school she changed suddenly to the opposite, she is brave and acts confidently, but she is a very demanding and ambitious person, I wish her all the success she deserves, we will help her as much as we can to fulfill her requirements to be what she dreams.
My third daughter HNK was only one year younger than Najma, she was the prettiest daughter and she was very proud of herself but also after the primary school she changed to an inconfident and hesitating person. She is also very clever but she carries the world over her head. She is very much satisfied with what she got, she never asks for anything, and she always says" mom you gave us everything".

I will speak about my husband and my parents in the next post. I was late for this one because I was ill, I had the flu.


Blogger David said...

Thanks, again aya granny, for your latest report...it is always good to hear from you...

4/01/2005 04:24:00 AM

Blogger waldschrat said...

Thanks for what you have written. Your words help people understand what has happened in Iraq.

4/05/2005 10:19:00 AM

Blogger richsanter said...

the americans used depleted uranium? wow, you must be some sort of high-level government agent to have that type of info, or is that just something you saw on aljazeera?

4/06/2005 11:56:00 PM

Blogger Truth teller said...


The use of DU in the 1991 war was a truth. No body could argued about it, unless he want to say that the US was an angel and all that bombs thrown over Iraqi desert were just an American gifts to the Iraqi army.
I have seen a radiation protection report about the level of radiation in the field of the tanks battle, it was horrible, specially at/or near the damaged Iraqi tanks. That is a doubtless fact, if you deny it, that mean all your thoughts need reconsideration.
BTW I have good knowledge about radiation in general and DU in particular. It was part of my duty at that time.

4/07/2005 01:40:00 AM

Blogger Ann said...

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4/10/2005 05:07:00 PM

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