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The Father: Truth Teller, The Mother: Aya granny, Daughter 1: Najma, Daughter 2: HNK.

Monday, April 11, 2005

My parents and my husband

I will talk a little about my family

My father is a full professor, he is one of the best consultant in his field.
He wanted me to continue my study for a PhD degree, but I always say "dad my husband suffered enough helping me at my under graduate study and at my Ms.C. degree, I should now look after him, and help my daughters to be valuable persons in our community".

My husband is one of the best helping and encouraging persons in my life. He assisted me all the time, and never complained from the difficult circumstances I passed through.
He used to prepare fast foods and make salads when he come back home earlier than me, he is always satisfied with the available cooking, unlike many other Iraqi husbands who think that food preparation is the main job of the women.
But these days the internet is taking him from us since he rarely remember to sit and talk with us, I wish this to be a temporary condition, he even eats in front of the computer.

My parents lives in Baghdad, they are only 400 km away from Mosul, but the road is very dangerous, and this is one of my main problems these days, which prevents me from travel and see them. There is always explosions and accidents along the road, besides the military convoy which delay the travel for many hours. There is no other choice to reach my parents, even the telephones are not working between us these days.

My mother is a housewife, she is very much concerned to observe the steps of each of her sons.
I had two brothers and two sisters.

My first brother is 5 years older than me. He had a PhD degree from England, I am the second child in the family. My two sisters are 5 and 10 years younger than me, the first is an engineer and the younger is a pharmacist, she had opened her own pharmacy one month ago.

My younger brother had MsC degree and he is a genius in his field, he is 15 years younger than me, I feel him as a sun more than a brother. He left Iraq few days ago, my family encouraged him, but on the other hand, we all are suffered from his leaving, especially my parents, since he was living with them, and he is the youngest son (who will never grow up).

He left Iraq because he can no longer bear the surrounding circumstances, and he would never be appreciated at our country but reversely he is in a danger these days.
I wish him a promising future, He deserve to be one of the greatest scientists in Iraq.
My daughter Najma is fond of him and he is her ideal symbol, she always consulted him and want to follow his advises, she even wants to leave Iraq and study out.

As you had noticed, my family is considered as one of the well educated. We all are engineers except one (the pharmacist) we had the following specialties, civil engg, architectural engg, surveying engg, chemical engg, environmental engg, and electrical engineering.
Our family consider the education essential for them, we didn't had any political directions in the previous period, we suffered from the low salaries before, now although our salaries were at least 4 times greater than before, but the number of years of service were the only concern now, this mean that the secondary school graduate had the same salary of the professor, if they have the same years of service, which doesn't encourage the students for the education, and discourage us from improvement.

I will speak about the routine days of our family in the next post.


Blogger Jeff said...

Nice biography of your side of the family.

Will you tell us some more of your childhood some time? Your first memories, what it was like going to school, what you did for fun?


4/11/2005 02:10:00 PM

Blogger John said...

Aya granny, your posts are wonderful. My father was a professor as well. I remember gatherings in the house when his university friends would come over for an evening of food, refreshment and conversation, and, as a child never fully understanding what it was they were talking about when they debated issues of philosophy, politics or religion. It certainly created an ambition to further educate myself so that I might one day at least acquire sufficient knowledge to be able to participate and hold my own in a similar discussion! Your entire family must be a constant source of pride to you and TruthTeller!

I've seen the addictive powers of computers, you may have to show some patience with Truthteller. Sometimes its serves as a repreive and outlet for expressing opinion and frustration over, at times, the seemingly inexplicable absurdity of mankind!

4/11/2005 03:11:00 PM

Blogger Ann said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4/11/2005 08:38:00 PM

Blogger Mad Canuck said...

Your family seems to carry with it a strong work ethic and sense of values, and I'm glad to see the value you assign to a good education. It's sad that the system in Iraq right now does not assign it this same value, but I do really think this must be temporary.

It doesn't take a lot of common sense to realize that the work of an engineer is worth more to a company than the work of an ordinary laborer. The engineer could do the laborer's job, but the laborer could never do the engineer's job because he's just not qualified. So, because the engineer's work is more valuable, and there are less people qualified to do it, it pushes the value of that work up. Companies will have to pay their people what they are worth, or those people leave to work for someone else. They call this principle the law of "supply and demand". The reason this hasn't kicked in in Iraq right now is because there is slack in the economy as a result of high unemployment.

I think the economy in Iraq is suffering right now, mostly as a result of the ongoing violence, but once that violence calms down, the economy should pick up again, taking up the slack, and allowing this law of "supply and demand" to kick in. I also think you are in a particularly good field. When things do pick up, there will undoubtedly be a lot of rebuilding there, and rebuilding requires the services of engineers, which should push your salary up even higher.

Those is my thoughts, anyway. Hopefully by the time Najma and hnk graduate from university this vision will be starting to take shape.


4/15/2005 09:23:00 PM

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