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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ramadan, the month of goodness.

It is now one week from the end of Ramadan. Ramadan is the month of fasting, the Muslim who's age and health are allowed, will fast from the beginning of the first light in the early morning to the sunset. At this time of the year it is almost from 5:00 Am - 5:15 PM.
The fasting persons should not drink or eat any thing, until the sunset when all the family are gathered around the dining table waiting for the Azaan (the call for prayer).

During the daytime, while all the fasting people are hungry and thirsty, they usually restrict their activity to the minimal, after they break their fasting, they retained their activity.

In the past (before the occupation), the people used to post pond their shopping to the night, where all the market were kept opened almost to the early morning, even when the people didn't need shopping they still get out of houses visiting each other. You can see the boys playing in the neighborhood, the girl joined together in one of the houses playing or just entertaining themselves.

Every thing is changed now, there is curfew at night, the people afraid from getting out at dark, all the shops are closed before the sunset, no visiting between families. I didn't see my brothers through out the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan is the time of looking after your relatives, neighbors and friends, looking for poor people and giving donations of money, foodstuff or clothes to those who need it.

Ramadan is the time for worships. There is some thing called Zakat Al Fitre, where every person have to pay a limited amount of money, or foodstuff to the poor people, this mandatory for every living human being who is able to pay. In addition there is another sort of help when a person is unable to fast for any cause (illness for example), he have to pay certain amount of money to the poor people for every day he break his fasting in it.

At the end of Ramadan is the "Aid al Fitre", which last for three days, it is one of the two main Aids we have.


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