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Saturday, September 17, 2005

It's me again.
unfortunately The school began last Sunday. And from the first day we went to school the teachers took us a lot of homework. I think they fear that the situations will get worse and we will not be able to go to school again so they want to finish our lessons as soon as possible.

The situations in Iraq and especially in Baghdad is so bad As I said before It's getting worse over the days. Thus, Every times I feel sad I say to my self
"hnk, today is better than tomorrow "
My Sister who is working in the hospital said that they receive a patient who shot while he was sleeping in his house. The bullets passed through the windows and entered his body.
imagine that! You are sleep and bullets enter your body and wake you up. How bad is that?
It's so bad but it's not worse that this story. We heard a bout woman and her two children took a taxi to go to somewhere and they didn't come back. Her family shocked, they didn't know what to do. They don't know if they kidnapped or what? In usually here in Iraq if some one kidnapped, his family will receive a call from the people who kidnapped them and told them how much money they want. But in this state they didn't receive a call or something like that. So know they thought that she and her children maybe are in the American hospital, Her family thought that while she was in the Taxi the American tank maybe shot them and took them to their hospital.
* No body know except Allah *

Last week my cousin was driving his car. The street is three lanes wide, two of these lines were already taken by the benzene queue, leaving only one lane for traffic to be moving in it, so that creates a traffic jam, my cousin is stuck in it, he can't move his car in any direction. Then, an American convoy comes from behind, at high speed, the car behind him is able to slip between two cars from the benzene queue, while my cousin is stuck, unable to move his car, only by a slight turn to the right, but doesn't create enough room for such a big car, the striker never slowed down, it hit my cousin's car so hard it crushed his trunk, and sent his car inside the car in front of him, then went over the central island, in the WRONG SIDE direction, again my cousin hears cars screeching from a far, and bullets fired in the air.
When my cousin told my aunt the story she asked him" didn't the American soldiers said anything when they hit your car?" he said " Yes, they did. They said bye... bye"
I heard worst story about American soldiers entered someone's house and beat and attack his owner and when he reach to the state that he could not move her hand and her legs the American soldiers take a look to his personality card, they said " sorry, we thought you are another guy"
here they said sorry and there they said bye bye. WOW
we were telling the story to our neighbor and he said that he saw American tank in the street and there were cows in front of their tank. The American soldiers stop their tank till the cows move from their way and then they go. The point is we are not treated like the Animals. We are treated worse than that. And where we are treated like that?

Ok, this is one of the posts which you will be angry after finish reading it. And I know what you are going to tell me " didn't you understand that American came to Iraq to help you" And so on from your words which you write it to me again and again. But I am really don't understand.

I am a human And I deserve to be treated like that.
That's all what I want to say.

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