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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Terrorists .... or ...??

A story as I heard form a neighbor of mine who knows the victim personally.

During the last week, an employee working in the Badosh Prison was assassinated with 6 other in their way to Mosul.
This man was working as an accountant in Badosh Prison about 20 km from Mosul, during his work he noticed that there is a money assigned to be spend on the prisoners for their food, drings, and clthes, which is about $12 for each prisoner a day.
But in reality, the money spend is not more than $2 for each prisoner a day.He wrote a memo to the authorities, they decided to open an invistigation to found the truth, he had 6 witnesses.
The man and the 6 witnesses were in their way to Mosul for some thing related to the investigation, they were in one car with a police car accompanied them as a guards. In the middle of the way an armed men with automatic guns shot fire against their car killing all the passengers. The police guard didn't stop, take no any action and have no casuality in the accident.


Blogger Dan said...

Truth Teller:

This sounds more like the work of an organized criminal gang than a terrorist ring.

The crimes were just theft and conspiracy to commit theft. Now, they include murder and conspiracy to commit murder. These latter a very serious offenses. I hope that the police can get to the bottom of this.
Please keep us posted.


7/24/2005 09:13:00 AM

Blogger Dan said...

Truth Teller:

Upon rereading your post, I see it clearer. The police escort appears to have been part of the criminal gang. He should be held on suspicion and questioned. This sounds like a tragic mess to me.


7/24/2005 09:17:00 AM

Blogger Truth teller said...


There is a corruption in handling the expenses of the prisoners, $ 10 for each prisoner a day. You can calculate how many $ they could get from this, many thousands prisoners are now in that prison.

The killing and the terroristic acts are most probably for other reasons than resisting the occupation.

7/24/2005 10:35:00 AM

Blogger Dan said...


Yes. That is a lot of money. Corruption in government is not a good thing and goes on in many/most countries, even in the United States.

Given the information that you have posted, it looks to me like the witnesses were set up to be "eliminated" and then killed terrorist style. The policeman was either in on it somehow or, perhaps, too scared to do his job. It also sounds like the traveling security was set up wrong. I would have used more policemen with the witnesses not all in the same vehicle. It sounds like this criminal ring is very well entrenched and will be difficult to bring to justice; especially with the present state of turmoil in Iraq.


7/24/2005 07:33:00 PM

Blogger strykeraunt said...

While this is a third hand account, I would not be surprised if this were true. I have always believed that their is still a lot of corruption in Iraq and one of Michael Yon's posts confirmed my suspicions.

He posted that "many Iraqi soldiers and police officers are apparently losing much of their salaries to corrupt superiors who skim the payroll, leaving the soldiers and police to steal from civilians."

Would $12 be a lot of money to take care of food, drink and clothing for prisoners in Iraq? (it seems like a lot to me) I can only imagine that people who would do this would also have no problem taking care of anyone who would get in their way. This story kind of reminds of the mob hits that used to be common here many years ago.

7/24/2005 09:53:00 PM

Blogger Dan said...

Yea. It sounds like Chicago in the days of Al Capone. The war adds to the confusion and difficulty of apprehension.


7/25/2005 09:15:00 PM

Blogger olivebranch said...

This I may pass on as a story to my friends at the ABC. they would be interested to know about the corruption within the legal system in Iraq...

And how easily things are covered up and go unreported or reported as terrorist incidents...

Did the media talk about this at all ?

7/25/2005 11:09:00 PM


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