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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Children of today, innocent?

Youth of today are surely not.. After a boring day at school the day before yesterday, we had a mathematics lesson and the teacher didn't come, so we went down to the cafeteria and had some conversations there..

I sat with my friends, their friends, and their friends' friends. My friends' friends are a little bit my friends, but their friends are not usually people I get along with. We reached a point in which we started to talk about kids, and how annoying they can be. One of my friend's friends' friend talked about how kids fear her a lot, and how when she gets in the room, they sit without making a move. She said that she beats them if they don't do what she tells them to do, "When they messed up with my room, Do you know what I did to him -She said smiling- I hit his head with the wall".

I was sitting there with an opened mouth, amazed, and hearing this girl proudly talking about how she controls kids..

Then, they talked about how their brothers and sisters in the primary school are getting bad behaviors from their classmates who publicly seem to express their feelings towards their fellow students (Which is surely not the way things used to happen in our days). Children are getting affected 'negatively' by the media, and are accepting the negative behavior (Anything) as normal, as long as someone did it on TV and was not punished.

What made me write this post is my neighbor, he's about 5 years old, his mother brought him to our house to have some medication (Injections). He started crying loudly, mom told him (Hoping that he'll stop crying) that the Americans in the street might hear him and think he's a coward, he shouted "Let 'em kill me, I don't mind if they behead me".. This might be out of anger, but for a normal kid to cry out this way, is not normal.. They're living in war, and it surely is affecting their lives.

In Baghdad (and that's what my aunt has told me about long time ago but I didn't have the opportunity to publish it till now), my cousin who's 6 years old plays a special game with his friends. A kid stands up carrying a piece of paper, other two stand next to him pretending to be holding guns, another lies on the ground, and the last sits next to him..
The one with the paper stats giving his speech, the other two shout Allah-Akbar and the one who's sitting on the floor pretends to be beheading the one who's lying on the floor.. That's it! A game for kids. Good news? Makes you like crying? Are we to expect a better generation?

Give them some space to have fun, let them watch TV to get them to stop crying for not going out.. That's what parents are doing to their children to make up for what they're missing. Which is just WRONG..


Blogger Jan said...

Najma, I can feel the anger the pain and the helplessness of your situation.
Tell me, should the Dutch have stayed in Al Muthana in the south?
Yhey did build children's playgrounds. Just to escape the bitterness of daily life.
A child with a laugh is a joy for the whole society.

3/25/2005 03:42:00 PM

Blogger Fayrouz said...

Dear Najma,

Kids are not innocent anywhere. Maybe it looks worse in Iraq. Maybe kids who live in war zones end up playing war games. My neighbors in Sydeny where new immigrants from former Yugeslavia. Their kids favorite game was street war with plastic guns.

Even here we have some kids and teenagers who act badly and cause death. It happened at a high school here in America this week. Read the painful and sad story here.

3/25/2005 09:16:00 PM

Blogger JAB said...

I found the quote on your site from Ben Franklin interesting. I was sorry you had to remove your comments about the student uprising. They were interesting to me, and you do have a right to openly express what you feel and have had reported to you. JAB

3/28/2005 02:57:00 PM

Blogger Knotbored said...

A local radio announcer returned from duty in Iraq and told of nightmares he has of a situation he was in. When he ended his story I had shivers down my backbone and a vile taste in my mouth.

He was on duty in Mosel when a black-clad figure jumped from between cars with a black gun aimed at his partner-a medical doctor (a medic).
He imediatly aimed his gun-placing a red laser light beam on the persons forehead and began pulling the trigger. Then he realized he was aiming at a child-perhaps 12 years old and he hesitated. The child pointed his toy away and ran off with a grin as though he had done some smart joke.
The nighmare this man has is not the awful thought he might have killed an innocent child, but that his hesitation might have led to his partners death if he was being too cautious !
I almost cried at thhe terrible situation each of these poliice individuals, both USA and Iraq are placed into. I hope peace and prosperity soon come to your country.

3/31/2005 08:13:00 AM


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