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Friday, May 06, 2005

Cardiac Catheterization ..... for my Boss

When sit together, we talk in different subjects, may be the current situation has the biggest portion of our talks, specially the situation of hospitals in Mosul, and the level of health services provided to the population in those days.
We have plenty of problems, as shortage of medicine , of medical appliances, instruments and the most important of all, the shortage of medical evolution.
We try to compensate these difficulties in giving more care to the patients, if we don't able to give them cure, at least give them some sympathy and attention...... It works some time!!.

Today we had a staff meeting at the hospital where I work. The director, told us his story of visiting the Medical City in Baghdad for check up. He has had an attack of myocardial infarction three years ago, but he still found him self capable of giving more, so he continued in his position and worked hard. He have to go to Baghdad every now and then to check his heart. During the last two years, the road to Baghdad was very dangerous, so he postpone his visit as possible, but lately his treating physician insist on him to do cardiac angiography, which only available in Baghdad. He went there on Wednesday. He describe the situation in the most equipped and best hospital in Iraq. He said:

"We arrived Baghdad about 12:30 pm, there is plenty of time till the end of the day, we went directly to the Medical City as I have an appointment for Cardiac Angiography on Thursday. At the entrance there were a checkpoint searching every body, "which I think it was necessary to avoid security problems" the n take the elevator to the eleventh floor where the ward for cardiac catheterizatin located. I present my self as Dr. N.A., the y check the list, OK your name is on the list, go home now and come after 6:00 pm. You have nothing to do here, why lose your time. Is there any sort of preparation or investigation necessary before the Catheterizatin ?. Dr NA asked. Not at all!!, the man (probably a male nurse) answered.

I went to the Hotel take a light dinner. Exactly at 6:00 pm, I went to the ward again. This time there were no body at the reception desk. Started looking for some body, I found the nurse on charge watching the Television in a side room. I presented my self, as having an appointment for Cardiac Catheterization tomorrow morning. She point to a room "your bed is in this room" she said. "are there any medication I have to take tonight?" I asked. "As you like, that's up to you!!" she answered. I know very well what to do, (this is the third time I have to do Catheterization.)

Next morning, a nurse came and checked the names, a resident doctor, passed quickly and checked the names again. But no body did any sort of examination, no ECG, no even a blood pressure check before such an important procedure!!.

4 hours after the catheterization, they told me :"you can go home now".... Is there any medication I have to take?"... The same answer.."It is up to you"

This happened in the best hospital in Iraq, with a physician and a director of a hospital.
I wonder what will happen with an ordinary simple citizen??

What I have to say is that, this could not be happened in any small hospital in Mosul, even with the most simple surgical intervention. It did not happen even during the sanction, where there were no facilities for sophisticated investigations.


Blogger waldschrat said...

Am I correct in understanding that standard, routine precautionary tests which should proceed such catheterization were omitted? Also, I do not understand what might be the cause of such omissions and how important they might be and perhaps you could explain. Were people in this big hospital in Baghdad just careless? Were they too busy? Too ignorant? Too lazy? Or were they treating this man badly because they did not like him for some reason?

5/06/2005 11:18:00 PM

Blogger Mad Canuck said...

One curious thing about this story is there is no hypothesis as to why your boss got the type of treatment he did in Baghdad. Your boss, as the director of a good hospital, is probably in a better position than most people to understand the reasons behind this. You also are an experienced physician, and probably have some ideas yourself.

Do you think this was caused by a shortage of skilled staff (nurses, doctors, etc.), a shortage of equipment, or simply a lackadaisical attitude on the part of the staff in this hospital? Do you think this problem is just contained in that hospital, or is this type of problem endemic at other hospitals in Iraq? How is the quality of care at the hospital you work at?

I am also curious if they knew that he was the director of a hospital, and that was why they were expecting him to make his own decision regarding medications.

Definitely an interesting story.

5/07/2005 06:42:00 PM

Blogger CharlesWT said...

Photo Essay: Healing Iraq's Wounds: A day in the life of a Baghdad hospital.

5/11/2005 12:30:00 AM

Blogger Truth teller said...

mad canuk

It is nice to hear from you again.
My boss was one of three other ordinary patients (not doctors), they received the same type of treatment,but as he is a doctor and a director of a hospital, he knew about the medical ethics more than the others. He was expecting the same treatment he received at his previous visits (two Catheterization and Balooning before the war.)
The important thing is that, the procedure and the equipment and the treatment in the operation theater was perfect. That means there were no shortage of skilled staff or equipments. It is a lackadaisical attitude on the part of the staff in this hospital, or just in this department.

In the hospital I worked at, we have severe shortage of medicine and of equipments. but the quality of care is good, at least from the psychological point of view.

5/11/2005 11:11:00 AM

Blogger Ann said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

5/11/2005 07:33:00 PM

Blogger waldschrat said...

I saw an article today that I thought you might be inteested in, about problems in the health ministry and elsewhere that might be related.


5/13/2005 05:35:00 AM


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